Web site manager and owner: Kathryn D. Hubbell

contact: kathy@adscripts.com

After Kathy’s son received three anthrax shots in 2000 while in the Air Force, she researched the vaccine extensively, and then, convinced there was a severe problem that the military was not acknowledging, took initial action by forming the Anthrax Vaccine Network. About two years later, a set of adverse circumstances led her to step aside, and AVN was taken over by Randi Airola and Jane Tier.  The group temporarily became the Military Vaccine Education Center until funding ran out.  Individuals now communicate largely through the anthrax-no chat group, and through a chat group formed at the National Vaccine Information Center.

The web site, now the Military Vaccine Resource Directory, builds upon the original work of the Anthrax Vaccine Network and the work of Major Sonnie Bates (USAF-ret.) and Lt. Col. John Richardson (USAF-ret.) and their web site, majorbates.com, which is now incorporated as part of this site.

Kathy remains grateful for the research conducted by Major Tom Rempfer and his partner in “Tiger Team Alpha,” the late Lt. Col. Russell Dingle (CT Air National Guard).  Tasked by their commander to investigate the questions surrounding the anthrax vaccine, and then later punished when they asked questions of their own which could not be answered, their research nevertheless laid the groundwork upon which many others have relied for several years.  Their work can be seen on the Pilots’ Corner of this web site.

Web site contributor and curator: Vane Wasden

A particular friend and contributor to this site is USAF veteran Vance Wasden. Vance was medically discharged from the Air Force nearly two years after becoming extremely ill upon taking the anthrax vaccine, lot #020. His 23 different conditions  left him, as a young man, walking with a cane. Vance’s health problems have included (but are not limited to): chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, hepatitis, reactive arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, depression secondary to medical condition, chronic staph infections/dermititis, heart murmer, and all of the symptoms and conditions associated with Gulf War Syndrome. He was originally told he would not live another five years. However, now it is over 15 years later, and although he continues to struggle through daily pain, he works hard to create a good life for himself and his family. He has been declared 100% disabled from the anthrax vaccine, one of the rare veterans whose medical records actually show the link.

For many years, Vance has helped other injured veterans navigate their way through the VA system to get their benefits. He has also started a fly-fishing program for injured and wounded veterans and continues to go fishing himself when he gets the opportunity.

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