Welcome to the Military Vaccine Resource Directory

Collage2Memorial Day, 2019

There are too many wars; there have always been too many wars. But the courage, grit and determination of our troops can never be recognized enough.  We remember and mourn those we have lost – the lost love, the lost potential, the lost dreams, the lost opportunities.  We owe these service members; we owe their memories, we owe their families.

June 6 – 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the Landing at Normandy

This site is a resource directory for active-duty service members, veterans, and others who are concerned about the military’s mandatory bioterrorism vaccines. Here you will find an overview of these vaccines, support groups, health care tips, medical resources, and more.

This site is in no way connected to the military. We provide documented,  verifiable and public information. Stories from the troops are first-hand accounts, posted with their permission.

URGENT NOTE:  Please help us work to clear the names of the service members who were punished for refusing the anthrax vaccine during the years it was illegal but was ordered for the troops anyway. Many were given a dishonorable discharge, fined, demoted, or given other severe punishments. Please go to this website for information on how to help:  http://www.hoping4justice.com

Contact: kathy@adscripts.com




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